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Saturday, 15 October 2011

Peer review

Running the peer review gauntlet (from

Several recent articles from different sources have addressed how to write a good review of a research article, and many start with the assumption that few PhD students are given any training at all in how to approach peer-reviewing. Not the case for ESPM students however, as we have been learning how to helpfully review each others' manuscripts, and also picking up everyones' favourite buzzwords along the way (is four uses of 'elucidate' in one ms too many?!).

Two useful places to start are Drubin (2011) 'Any jackass can trash a manuscript, but it takes a good scholar to create one' and Nicholas and Gordon (2011) 'A quick guide to writing a solid peer review'. Further ideas, and reasoning for why to do the review anyway comes from the always informative Nature Careers section, with Gewin (2011) 'Rookie Review' interviews a postdoc who wins awards for his reviews.

Other useful articles in related areas, are: