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Friday, 19 November 2010


It's that time of year again! The Fall Meeting of the American Geophysical Union, 13th-17th December, will feature 7 presentations involving ESPM members. Needless to say we are all rather busy...

In no particular order (to view abstracts, first click on the "Search Fall Meeting Program" link on this page, then the links should become active):

Identifying climate change signals in the late Quaternary gravel-bed, braided river stratigraphy of the Canterbury Plains, New Zealand. M. A. Jones; A. V. Rowan; S. J. Covey-Crump; S. H. Brocklehurst; H. M. Roberts; G. A. Duller. abstract presenter

Tectonic signals in glaciated landscapes: the importance of scale (Invited). S. H. Brocklehurst. abstract presenter

Linking onshore and offshore erosion and sediment transport in the Strait of Messina, Italy. R. Goswami; N. C. Mitchell; S. H. Brocklehurst; A. Argnani. abstract presenter

Numerical modelling of climatically-driven drainage capture and sediment flux, South Island, New Zealand. A. V. Rowan; M. A. Plummer; S. H. Brocklehurst; M. A. Jones. abstract presenter

The role of antecedent drainage networks and isolated normal fault propagation on basin stratigraphy. E. Finch; S. H. Brocklehurst; R. Gawthorpe. abstract presenter

The influence of interacting normal faults on drainage network evolution and basin stratigraphy. S. H. Brocklehurst; E. Finch; R. Gawthorpe. abstract presenter

Landscape Response to Active Extensional Faulting and Multiple Local Base Levels: The Perachora Peninsula, Eastern Gulf of Corinth, Greece. O. Bujanowski-Duffy; S. H. Brocklehurst; R. L. Gawthorpe; E. Finch. abstract presenter