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Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Possibly even more occasional book review - Stop what you're writing, and read this

Not only is David Schultz the newest addition to Atmospheric Science at the University of Manchester and our favourite expert on orographic precipitation, he is also the author of the excellent Eloquent Science, a practical guide to becoming a better writer, speaker and atmospheric scientist. Covering such essential topics as how to plan your manuscript, use the much-abused colon and make beautiful figures for scientific publications, this book opens up the possibilities of how to share science without putting the conference room to sleep. Also covered in practical detail are many topics of interest to any research scientist, including how to resolve ordering of author lists and so have happy collaborators, make presentation slides that don't need ibuprofen to sit through, all round 'be a better researcher' advice and it is of course a pleasure to read! Apart from being very glad I read this before making a start on the thesis I think it would also have been great to learn the principles of effective communication as an undergrad.

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