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Friday, 12 March 2010

Pseudo-weekly Google Earth Placemark #2 - Canyonlands

The ESPM discussion meeting this week was focused on Wobus et al. (2006) and the principles used to determine tectonic signals through analysis of DEMs. Hence, the increasingly popular ESPM google earth placemark has this week found its way to Canyonlands, USA (click here). Here we see a spectacular fault-controlled landscape associated with regional extension above a mobile salt substrate. The faults are seen to be segmented along-strike and in various stages of linkage. This has caused the drainage pattern to shift from the typical dendritic form to trellised as the channels migrate axially along-strike of the faults and through displacement lows at relay ramps between fault segments (see just north of placemark where the channel migrates around a propagating fault tip).

Have a fly around, can you spot any other evidence of fault-drainage interaction?