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Thursday, 11 March 2010

Mediterranean glaciations

Phil Hughes crossed Oxford Road from the School of Environment and Development today to deliver a very stimulating Basins seminar on glaciations throughout the Mediterranean, covering Greece, the Balkans, Spain and Morocco. There's a surprising amount of evidence available, and Phil's dating efforts have shown that the moraines etc. are not all from the Last Glacial Maximum (despite what you might read in Science)! Some minimum ages from glacial moraines are as old as 350,000 years ago, while Phil has also discovered evidence of Younger Dryas readvances, and some previously unrecognised glaciers in Albania that still linger on.

Further details about the Albanian glaciers are available in Phil's recent Arctic, Antarctic, and Alpine Research article, and you can also read about Phil's explanation for the surprising Little Ice Age glaciations in Montenegro, and the conflicting palaeoecological and glacial evidence regarding whether the Mediterranean LGM was cold and dry, or cold and wet. Watch out for further updates on the Moroccan story as Phil gathers more cosmogenic dates.