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Tuesday, 30 March 2010

John Stevenson seminar - GIS tools

John Stevenson gave a fantastic SEAES seminar today, "Lava flows, lasers and Linux", covering a range of topics, including:

-the mdenoise algorithm for sensible smoothing of topographic data (an improvement on the default "moving window" filtering algorithms in GIS software), and its application to SRTM topographic data;

- using NERC ARSF LiDAR data to investigate volcanic processes in Iceland;

- open-source GIS software, including GRASS GIS, GPSBabel, GDAL, FWTools, and Arramagong, a complete Xubuntu LiveDVD loaded with GIS software; and

- the ongoing Eyjafjallajokull eruption in Iceland

Not particularly focussed on geomorphology, but very enjoyable and informative all the same!